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Investing in Tax Liens

This is information on a proposal for the creation and funding of a Limited Liability Corporation to purchase County Tax Liens on properties in Colorado. Please note that we can answer some general questions, however, you should contact an accountant and/or an attorney should you have any questions regarding this proposal.

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The following areas are discussed in the full proposal:

What are Tax Liens?
The Tax Lien Process
Review of purchases that have been made and current status of those investments.
Recommendations for future purchases.
Organization of the Investment Group
The LLC investment Strategy
Required Funding for the LLC
Potential Income
Management Costs

Fourth Quarter 96 Update on To Date Purchases.

In general, we will create a Limited Liability Corporation to purchase Tax Liens on Colorado properties. The LLC will be in existence for approximately 4 (four) years. The end purpose of the LLC is to take title to properties, sell them and disperse the proceeds. There are some risks involved with this investment. See the Risks section for more information. There are two ways to structure this investment, a unanimous decision by all potential investors is required for one of the two structures. Anticipated returns will be 50% or greater per year over the 4 year period, however, there will be no payoffs until the end of the 4 years, though there may be some income reported.

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This is a generally safe, though very long term investment. For a hard copy of the full proposal please send ten dollars (to cover postage) to:

Kaim Chigh, L.L.C.
PO Box 1417
Golden, CO 80402
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