Real Estate Purchasing in Expanding Markets Risk Assesment
Real Estate Purchasing in Expanding Markets
Risk Assessment

As in any investment there are risks. You need to decide what types of risks are acceptable to your investment goals. If you have questions about these investments, we recommend that you talk with your accountant, attorney and/or financial planner to see if any of the three levels of investing fit your investment needs.

Investing directly in Kaim Chigh is recommended for individuals who have little or no experience in investing in real estate. This investment will give you an opportunity to learn about managing investment properties while you are making a profit. Risk is limited since there is no direct ownership of any properties by the investor and profits are based on management fees charged to investors in the second level.

Investing directly in a property using Kaim Chigh as a management intermediary is one of the easiest ways to own real estate and enjoy significantly higher profits than the first level. Kaim Chigh will act as an extended property management company. We will be visiting the out of state properties and making recommendations to you on which ones to purchase based on your goals. We will then work with you to set up an LLC, managing the bidding process, help with financing, coordinate contractors or inspectors and then manage any of the property(ies) you want purchase. The risks are higher in this investment, as are the profits. There is less risk in this than purchasing on your own, since Kaim Chigh will be working with you to make sure your investment is a sound one. Whenever you invest in property you should see the property yourself. You should plan on at least one trip to the property to see it and meet with local finance people. One-on-one conversations with local bankers, brokers etc. are important. Though Kaim Chigh will manage most of this, it is recommended that you visit the area prior to the purchase.

A final risk involved in this is the possibility of some kind of liability lawsuit (a slip and fall by a professional conperson), should this happen, the LLC that owns the particular property may need to declare bankruptcy. In this instance you will lose all of your investment in this property. Though the probability of this is small, you should consider it when making this type of investment.

The risks involved in level three, going on a tour yourself and directly purchasing property, are similar to investing in real estate yourself anywhere. One great advantage that you will have is contact with local professionals that can help you.

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