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Real Estate Purchasing in Expanding Markets

Executive Summary

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Some investors will be participating in the creation of an LLC to provide full service investment property location and management. The purpose of this LLC is to purchase investment real estate in recovering markets to optimize purchasing dollars. These properties, in some cases, will be rehabilitated to increase their value. There are three ways for an investor to participate. The first is an investment in the management company. The second is to partner with the management company to purchase a property directly. Finally, the investor can travel with the management company to a target market see properties and purchase them on his or her own. A more complete description of these investment options is on Page 5 and the a description of the organizational structure of the LLC is on Page 6.

A description of the buying strategy for the LLC is on Page 3. It is recommended that you review this buying strategy to help you decide which level of investing best suits your needs.

Our current target market is Kansas City, KS/MO and a description of the current Real Estate Climate in this area starts on Page 4.

There are management costs and risks associated with this investment. Though minimal, it is recommended that you review the Risks section and familiarize yourself with these risks. The Management Costs start on Page 7 and the Risks Section starts on Page 9.

The Management Cost section also reviews potential profits and yearly returns. We invite you to review this proposal and call our offices with any questions you may have. We can be reached at (303)271-1288 or (888)323-1488.

View our Fourth Quarter 1996 results on some of the properties we have purchased:

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Visit Land Net This is information on a proposal for purchasing Real Estate in Recovering markets in the United States. Please note that we can answer some general questions about what we have purchased and our successes and concerns, however, you should contact an accountant and/or an attorney should you have any questions regarding this proposal.

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