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Investment Strategy

The LLC will be purchasing liens at the Jefferson County auction. Of all of the counties in the Denver area, Jefferson has the best balance of high value liens for profit and lower value liens for risk reduction. For example, Boulder County has many higher priced properties, therefore, higher lien values. Boulder doesn't have as many medium value liens for risk reduction. Also, Boulder County has a higher wage base and average net worth than Jefferson County, therefore individuals will be paying off the liens quicker.

Prior to each endorsement period, the management will review each property in the portfolio to see if the endorsement should be made. This review will include an external physical inspection of the property, a review of the owners financials (as well as possible) and a review of the title of the property for other liens or assessments or if the site has been deemed a hazardous waste site. The costs for these reviews is included in the management fee listed in Management Costs.

The LLC will be in existence for about 4 years. The LLC will purchase, at auction, a large variety of high quality liens. Prior to the endorsement deadline each year, the management partner will review all properties and determine if the property has maintained its value and make a determination on the advisability of endorsing the lien. (It is highly unlikely that a property could lose enough value to warrant NOT endorsing.) At the end of the three and a half year period, the LLC will take title to the properties, sell them and disperse profits. At this time the LLC could be refunded for another 4 year cycle or be dissolved.

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This is a generally safe, though very long term investment. For a hard copy of the full proposal please send three dollars (to cover postage) to:

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