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Potential Income

Once the LLC takes possession of the property, the moneys paid, including interest, are forfeited to the county. In essence, the LLC has been paying the taxes for the last three years. However, the LLC is now in possession of the entire property. Current yearly taxes are about 1% of the assessed value of the property. The assessed value is currently between 30% and 100% less than the market value of the property. (One property that I own was taxed at $750 per year on an assessed value of just over $70,000. The market value of the home two years ago, based on an independent valuation, was $97,000. The current estimated market value is $110,000.)

Let's take one very negative possibility. The $30,000 purchases a number of properties at an 8% premium during the auction. All but one is redeemed before the first of November and the entire premium on these liens is lost. The remaining property has a lien value of $1,000. Each year this property is endorsed and ownership passes to the LLC at the end of 3 and 1/2 years. The property is sold for $120,000.

Note that an 8% premium is high, the redemption period for the properties is extremely short and the sales price, based on today's market values, is low.

The following chart shows the value of the investment at each major time period:
 Date Event Value
October, Year 1 Initial Funding $30,000.00
October Management Fee $29,400.00
October 31 Redemption of all but one property* $27,077.40
June 26, Year 1 Endorsement of PropertyÝ $27,132.40
June 26, Year 2 Managment Fee $26,823..97
June 26 Endorsement of Property $26,768.97
June 26, Year 3 Managment Fee $26,674.59
June 26 Endorsement of Property $26,619.59
July 1 Newspaper ads and title fees $26,319.59
December 1, Year 3 Sale Of Property $146,319.59
 December 1 Management Fee $106,319.59

Total Profit: $76,319.59

Yearly rate of return: 70.5%

This case assumes the LLC only takes possession of one property, all but one property is redeemed within two days and all redeemed funds earn 0% interest over the three year period. This shows why it is so important to invest in a significant number of properties and the potential high rates of return.

* This includes a loss of the 8% premium on all redeemed liens, the $50 filing fee, the $5.00 administrative fee on the lien not redeemed. The cash value is $26,077.40, the lien value is $1,000.

ÝValue of liens are $2,000, less the $50 filing fee, the $5.00 administrative fee plus the 9 months interest accrued.

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